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Formation - EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: The Secret Behind Making Good Ambassadors

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Start an Internal Movement of People Who Care and Share & Leverage their Power

In today’s talent driven business market, finding, retaining and engaging employees is vital to any organizational success. High performing organizations have been developing their own ways of improving employee experiences that entail solid engagement traits throughout the employee journey. It is even assumed that not only the tie should be engagement but much more significantly, commitment.

At the heart of employee engagement there is a community. How you build this community and how you speak to your employees ultimately determines how energized and engaged your ambassadors will be.

In this session, Patrick De Pauw, CEO of Social Seedershares the lessons he has learned over the past five years working with +250 companies all over the world in getting ambassadors to share with their networks.

Main questions of the session:

  • How to recruit your ambassadors?
  • How to engage them?
  • What is the relevant content?
  • What results could you expect?

Hosted by: Patrick De Pauw, CEO of Social Seeder

When: Wednesday 29th April 2020 at 2pm (14h00)

Duration: 50min

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Pour qui ?
Pour qui ?

• HR Directors

• Director Global Workforce Intelligence

• Director of wellness

• Chief HR Officer

• Talent & Development Director / Manager

• HR managers

• Head of talent management

• Head of talent acquisition and recruitment

• Engagement and retention manager

• Head of leadership development

• Head of corporate culture

• Head of HR strategy

• Director/ Head of internal communication

• Head of employer branding

• Chief Happiness Officer

• Internal Communication Director / Manager

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: The Secret Behind Making Good Ambassadors

Get Insight into:

  • Reinventing engagement through employee networks and connections
  • Leveraging the power of social media to reconnect business stakeholders
  • Communication as key lever to engagement
  • Engaging communities to impact Individuals
  • Stimulating (again) people’s purpose and involvement
  • Turning engagement to ambassadorship

Hosted by:

Patrick De Pauw, CEO of SOCIAL SEEDER, a platform that exists to combine a strategic approach to ambassador building with a communication platform to build connections, increase sharing and foster engagement.

Nos intervenants
Patrick De Pauw, CEO of SOCIAL SEEDER
EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: The Secret Behind Making Good Ambassadors
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