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EMPLOYEE 3.0: Engagement Redesigned


Leverage Data & Digital to Drive People Well-Being, Engagement and Productivity at all levels of your Organization

  • In today’s talent driven -VUCA- business market, finding, retaining and engaging employees is vital to any organizational success. High performing organizations have been developing their own ways of improving employee experiences that entail solid engagement traits throughout the employee journey. It is even assumed that not only the tie should be engagement but much more significantly; commitment.

    Entering a new decade, the world of work is changing faster than ever. With digital transformations, data insights and more human-centric business models; organizations are constantly challenged by the need to quickly adapt and determine appropriate ways of working that would align with sustainable change requirements, especially with the rising need from people tofeel happy, heard, valued and engaged in their workplace. This means, that organizations should seek to ask for feedback, listen, motivate and most importantly act and react.

    Engagement is fundamentally leader-driven, so leaders need to make use of tools and strategies that help them better connect, implicate, motivate… thus engage teams to accept change, innovate, and align with company goals and values. Much more importantly, the same leaders should be able to design organizational contexts - based on behavioural insights, employee data and feedbacks - that optimize fast thinking and unconscious behaviour of employees in line with the objectives of the organization…

    This conference aims at sharing tools, practices and strategies that will help redefine engagement and create sustainable employee experiences, in the age of increasingly digital-driven, knowledge-intensive, data-based and human-centric business landscapes.

Pour qui ?
Pour qui ?

• HR Directors

• People Analytics

• Director Global Workforce Intelligence

• Director of wellness

• Chief HR Officer

• Talent & Development Director / Manager

• HR managers

• Head of talent management

• Head of talent acquisition and recruitment

• Engagement and retention manager

• Head of leadership development

• Head of corporate culture

• Head of HR strategy

• Director/ Head of internal communication

• Head of employer branding

• Chief Happiness Officer

• Internal Communication Director / Manager
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