Blogs by IFE by Abilways

Blogs by IFE by Abilways

Stay right on top of what’s new in your sector. Make the most of four professionals’ expertise through interverviews, analysis of current hot topics and more.

Blogs by IFE by Abilways

European directives and regulations, news laws, new circulars from the BND, FSMA, CSSF… Every day, businesses are faced with major changes requiring rapid assimilation. 
IFE by Abilways sets out to help you sift through the news to identify the major challenges affecting your sector of activity: insurance, banking, employment law, taxation, HR, asset management, etc. 
We now offer a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing experience on our blog, designed to give you a voice by providing a new space for exchanging in-depth analyses and good practices.

Public Sector
 IFE NEWS Public Sector

With the new Public Procurement Act and the adoption of the associated royal decrees, there is much that is new for you to take on board. Planning law in Wallonia and Brussels is also undergoing major changes. There are more changes afoot for the public service and for pensions, with new laws applying and a mass of precedent to absorb.

IFE by Abilways can help you consolidate your expertise in these fields and keep abreast of all the changes. 
We now offer not just a compendium of all the articles published since the outset, but also a forum for dialogue and sharing experiences on the public sector blog.

Management & innovation
 IFE LEARNING LAB Management & innovation

Digital transformation, generation Y and Z, internationalisation, collective intelligence... The managerial challenges facing our organisations are many but fascinating.
The IFE Learning Lab blog is an ideas incubator, a space for exchanging managerial best practices and innovations. The IFE by Abilways team shares articles with you on the latest trends, portraits, personal accounts, and more.