Accreditations - IFE by ABILWAYS

Accréditations IFE by ABILWAYS

It’s important for many professions to regularly update their knowledge in a changing environment. That's why our courses are certified by professional organizations of reference.

Accréditations IFE by ABILWAYS


O.B.F.G. accreditation (Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone)

Accreditation OFGBFrench-language law training courses are accredited by the O.B.F.G. One point is granted per hour of training and six points per day of training. These appear on the attestations of attendance sent after completion of training. The accreditation is intended for lawyers, law interns and community lawyers.


IEC accreditation (Institut des Experts-comptables et des Conseils fiscaux)

OFGB IFE BEIEC IAB IFE BESome IFE training courses are accredited by the l’IEC. The accreditation number B0487/2016-05 appears on the attestations of attendance provided after training. Depending on the training course taken, the Institute will evaluate the number of points certified public accountants and tax advisers can obtain. The fields included are accounting, taxation, corporate law, labour law, etc.


IPCF accreditation (Institut professionnel des comptables et fiscalistes agréés)

IPCF IFE BEIFE courses in accounting and taxation given in French and Dutch are accredited by the l’IPCF. An attestation with the IPCF accreditation number is provided at the end of training. This accreditation is for accountants, assistant accountants, accounting interns, certified tax experts and tax expert interns.


OBGE accreditation (Ordre belge des géomètres-experts)

OFGB IFE BEIFE by Abilways  is one of the schools accredited by the l’Ordre des géomètres-experts. This certification enables surveyors to earn one point per hour of training in the fields of real estate, town planning, construction and the environment. The points appear on the attestations of attendance sent after completion of training.